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chez_cranky ([personal profile] chez_cranky) wrote2011-03-17 04:59 am

Let the Wookie Dance

At Chez Cranky, "Let the Wookie Dance" is code for:

Dear Sprog,

* Let Mommy read her porn.
* Let Daddy go to the loo (unaccompanied, thank you!).
* Let the dog eat his dinner.
* Let Mommy/Daddy do anything potentially hazardous to a wee sprog's well-being (i.e. clean up broken glass, use the stove, move heavy things. etc.).
* Let Mommy update her blog for only the 4th time since you were born... sigh!

It's a perfect, catch-all phrase that translates as, "Darling Angel-Child of My Heart, although I acknowledge that the World does, in fact, revolve around you, there are Some Things that Do Not expressly require your presence and/or assistance."

Just freaking let the Wookie dance.