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Cranky!Duff is cranky. Or at least a little put out. Definitely tired. And hermit-y. And has not taken her nigh saint-like corgi on nearly enough walks since Sprog was born. And also? Needs to install shelving roughly 5.5 feet off the ground in every room in the house... Did not anticipate Sprog would learn life lessons from Curious George.

I *very* occasionally blog about life with Sprogtor Destructo, my dog, and my Sweetie What Hangs the Moon. Muy domestic, right? Yeah, it gives *me* the shivers, too. In my copious spare time (Sprog's gotta sleep sometime...), I surf the interwebs for weird socks, lolcats, corgi swag, recipes, custom content for my seldom-played Sims 2 game, and fanfic that would surely make my mother-in-law blush (or perhaps finally disown me - I can only hope).

Most recent accomplishments include doing the dishes, getting that pesky mustard stain out of the Sweetie's dress shirt, scooping the poop, giving Sprog a bath, getting my mom hooked on The Dresden Files, Rita Mae Brown, and Charlaine Harris, and, oh yeah, Having Sprog. (I can't take credit for Sprog, hisownself, but the 8 1/2 months before he took his first breath? *That* I'm claiming.) What? I'm a mom first, geek second. Sigh.
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